Land Cruiser 78 Series

The J70-78, 78 series or LJ78 is also known as the ‘Troopie’ or ‘Troopy’ is a current Land Cruiser model from Toyota. It has a single cab with a long ‘troop carrier’ style load bay. The official model number is HZJ78. Some parts may also fit the HZJ79 ‘ute’ single or double cab pickup style vehicles.

LC 78 Troopy
Image used with permission.

Links to Toyota Australia description and specifications of the J70-78 models:

These are extremely popular in Australia but are extraordinarily rare in the UK due to some difficulties that can be had importing them. We have been able to import a number of parts from Europe and Australia, and are now one of the only UK based sellers of ‘Troopy’ parts.

Rarity brings not only exclusivity, but makes these parts difficult for us to sell, meaning our prices have to be very reasonable. Please get in touch.

Some parts are suitable for other 70 series models and could be used in converting a 70 to a 78. Although we have a number of Land Cruisers, a 78 is not one of them so please consult an expert about compatibility.

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