We stock many parts for various Toyota 4×4 models including the Land Cruiser such as the 100 series, 200 series, 70, 75, 76, 78 and 79 series models. We also have a small selection of Hilux parts (all versions). All parts are in stock in our warehouse in Rossendale, Lancashire, UK and available for pickup. Most parts are either in ‘new old stock’ or ‘new take off’ condition unless otherwise stated. Be sure to fully read the description of the item. If you have any questions please call and ask!

New old stock

These parts are in as-new condition and have been stored in our warehouse for some time. New old stock parts are often ex-warranty; parts that were held by the original manufacturer in case of a warranty claim so the item could quickly be replaced by the repair department without having to source externally. At the end of the warranty period we purchase the item directly from the manufacturer. Often the part is not in demand until the vehicle gets much older, and many items of stock are over 20 years old. Marks and imperfections are rare but there are sometimes small condition issues. These can include minor surface rust on panels or degradation of rubber even in a boxed item. Read the description thoroughly, and call us if you need.

New take off

The parts were removed from new vehicles either at the original manufacturer for OE modification. Or at a remanufacturer such as a specialist modifier like an armourer. We buy the parts in bulk and often store them for several years until demand increases in the same way as ‘new old stock’. For example, in the case of doors, demand peaks when the vehicles are current and plentiful and get in minor accidents. Then peaks again when the original fitted panels begin to degrade. New take off parts occasionally have very minor imperfections such as scratches or marks incurred during their removal, transportation or storage. They will be in much better condition than any ‘used’ part. New take off is a great way to purchase a genuine part in fantastic condition.

For listings of our 70-79 series including ’78 Troopy’ parts please click here.

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