Land Cruiser 70 Series

TOYOTA 70 series

The 70-79 series also known as the 70 series are utilitarian models of the Toyota Land Cruiser. This category contains most of our 70 series compatible stock but all models are different. Please check the product description or call us if you are in doubt about compatibility.

The 70 series vehicles are extremely popular Utes in Australia but are very rare in the UK and Europe. We have been able to source a number of parts from Europe and even some from Australia. We are now one of the only UK based retailers of 70 series and in particular 78 series ‘Troopy’ parts.

Rarity brings not only exclusivity, but makes these parts difficult and slow for us to sell, meaning our prices are very reasonable.

We still have a large selection of parts not yet listed here, so please get in touch if you are looking for any part for a 70 series!

Most parts in this section are in ‘new take off’ condition.

The parts were removed from new vehicles either at the original manufacturer for OE modification. Or at a remanufacturer such as a specialist modifier like an armourer. New take off parts occasionally have very minor imperfections such as scratches or marks incurred during their removal, transportation or storage. They will be in much better condition than any ‘used’ part. New take off is a great way to purchase a genuine part in fantastic condition.

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