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land rover jackland rover jackland rover jackland rover jack

Land Rover Defender Jack OEM

£100.00 £90.00 plus VAT


Land Rover Defender Jack OEM model

These Land Rover Defender Jacks are 2000kg rated and were produced for Land Rover by MAGAL engineering.  They were installed in Land Rover Defenders from the factory.

The jacks are ‘new take off’ unused and in almost-as-new condition (some minor cosmetic peeling on some of the labels caused during removal and storage). Functionally perfect and never used. Removed from new 2016 Defenders.

The jacks we have were all produced in 2015, the last full year of Defender production but have individual production dates printed on them.

Several in stock, please contact us in relation to any multiple purchases.

Land Rover Part number: LR031924
MAGAL Part number: 7H12 17080 AC