Ford 1.8 Diesel Endura DE Crate Engine

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1.8 Diesel Endura DE New Engines R89FF6006AA 6842473

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Boxed *NEW* Ford Endura DE Engine

This is an exciting opportunity to own a new-old-stock crate engine.

Produced by Ford, and mainly used in the Fiesta and Escort Van, the 1753cc 1.8 Endura DE is a famously durable engine built with a no-nonsense cast iron block, but with aluminium parts to reduce weight. Producing just 60bhp, this engine was not high performance but had unparalleled economy particularly in the small and light Escort van. With the addition of a turbo charger, these engines produce around 90bhp but lose some of their economy. The factory turbo charged version is the exact same engine block so this could be used to replace the engine block for a TD vehicle if required.

These engines are AS-NEW in their original wooden boxed crate, they’ve never been run or used or even removed from their crates!

This is a fantastic opportunity to give your car or van a new lease of life, or to replace a damaged unit or even convert from a petrol engine. Ideal for an owners club project or restoration.

We purchased these engines from Ford after the end of the warranty period for the Escort Van and they have been stored here since. They were manufacturer spare parts in case of a warranty repair requiring replacement of the engine. Ancillaries, turbo etc. etc. not included but can be picked up cheaply from a van breakers. They are not ready-to-run and will require inspection and service items such as fluids and belts. The parts are still readily available in many places and these engines are extremely easy to work on thankfully.

We have only a few engines remaining in stock, including different variations. There are some earlier ‘1.8 Diesel’ stamped rocker cover versions and some ‘Endura DE’ marked later versions. There is no difference other than the rocker cover.

We have sold several of these Endura DE engines for light marine use as they are easily marinised and exceptionally reliable.

These engines are NOT ULEZ compliant unless installed in a classic vehicle.

Please contact us for more details about these engines.

Ford whole-engine part number: PN/R89FF6006AA 6842473

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