BL O Series Engine

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BL O Series Engine

New old stock crate engine. Original manufacturer spare part, this is a factory re-manufactured engine that was intended for under-warranty replacement from BL.

BL used the company Multipart for all commercial spares, including this one.

This engine was intended for a Sherpa van but will also fit many MGBs, several Austin models and a few other BL vehicles.

We cannot discern if it is a 1.7 or 2.0 displacement engine. The part numbers on the label do not bring back any results online (I assume they are multipart numbers). The major advantage of the 2.0 is that it will run on unleaded fuel without modification due to being fitted with hardened valves from the factory, whereas the 1.7 requires modification. Again, we have no idea which version this is, please if you know, let us know!

Serial number: BHM 1407 R
Part number: 158640
Type: B116 M90

We have more than one in stock (identical).