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Fix & Go AUTOMATIC Tyre Pump and Puncture Repair *NEW*

Price on request


Fix&Go ‘Automatic’ tyre pump and puncture repair kit.

These kits (produced in 2017 according to labels) are in perfect new condition complete with carrying/storage case, instructions and unit. Can be used as an inflation device only or using the included repair fluid as a temporary puncture repair device.

The included fluid has a 5 year+ lifespan according to the manufacturer.
Fluid expiry date listed on all units is May 2022.

Designed for cars, vans, 4×4 vehicles and motorhomes.

4 units in identical new condition in stock.

Useful links:
Fix&Go website: https://www.fixandgo.com/
Fix&Go Automatic informational page: https://www.fixandgo.com/products/four-wheel-vehicles/automatic/
Manufacturers website FAQ: https://www.fixandgo.com/faq
Instructional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fU4LdjXXDk