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Jeep Wrangler JL Rear Bumper – 2018-on

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Jeep Wrangler Rear Bumper – 2018-on

Bumpers for Jeep Wrangler JL models (non Rubicon version) featuring a number/licence plate mounted on the bumper. The older JK models have the plate mounted to the tailgate (usually on a bracket) and this bumper will not fit older models. Includes pre-installed plate light.

Please do bare in mind that older Jeep Wranglers are almost always modified –  this is a stock bumper that is fully plastic so will be ideal for replacing an expensive modified bumper for resale, or just as a replacement for a damaged original. Wrangler JL models are also often modified to fit JK model bumpers which can further complicate matters.

These are US spec bumpers which could be a really practical upgrade for a UK vehicle particularly if a tow bar or a large bike rack is installed. The number plate mounts to the left side and should still be visible with a rack installed. The UK model’s registration plate also hangs down under the spare wheel whereas this one does not, giving a little more ground-clearance/departure angle too.

This bumper does not include a fog light hole/mount so your original will have to be relocated or mounted in to this bumper.

The Rubicon version of the JL has a completely different bumper design featuring two central red reflectors, we have these in stock too – link here.

In as-new new-take-off condition, removed from a brand new vehicle upon import to the UK. Some units have minor handling and storage marks but will almost always clean up perfectly.

OEM part numbers for reference – 6CE35RXFAA 6CE35RXFAB 6CE35RXFAC

Not suitable for delivery, collection only. These parts are quite fragile and will inevitably get damaged. We are not prepared to ship them!