Mercedes Benz Vario 4×4 Transfer Box

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Mercedes Benz Vario 4×4 Transfer Box

Transfer box for a 4 wheel drive Mercedes Vario. These are usually 818 models.

Removed from EX-MOD vehicles before sale.

Story time. A number of Vario vehicles were adapted for the Ministry of Defense but after the vehicles were finished the MoD changed their mind and requested the 4×4 transfer boxes were removed and the vehicles were kept as 2 wheel drive. We belive the reasoning was due to the reduced fuel economy of the 4×4 and they were unlikely to *need* the offroad capability anyway. The transfer boxes were sold off  and purchased by us. We have multiple units in stock, more than 10. Since then, on Tuesday 20th September 2022 to be exact, 9 vehicles came up for auction at Brightwells auction house. As far as we know, these vehicles have the front drive axles but the transfer boxes, front prop shaft and supporting bracket are missing (we’ve got the transfer boxes, and some brackets and prop shafts too). If you have purchased one of these vans, this is what you are looking for! Included in this listing are photos of two of the exact vehicles that these exact boxes were removed from and were sold at Brightwells.

Also commonly used in custom modified 4×4 builds and for expedition vehicles. These boxes are extremely heavy duty and extremely heavy! Collection only, and bring a strong friend.

In fantastic condition, 10+ units in stock.