Shibuya Sound Retro Speaker Kit BNIB New-Old-Stock

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Shibuya Sound Car Stereo Speaker Kit

One of many interesting new-old-stock items.

Made in Japan. Aftermarket speaker kit from the ~1980s in Brand-New-In-Box condition. We are assuming they are 1980s based on the packaging design but may be earlier or slightly later. Made by ‘Shibuya Sound’. Two speaker ‘stereo’ kit. They are advertised as being able to be mounted on a door, on the floor or on a parcel shelf. They are wrapped in original cellophane and present as clean and tidy if a little dusty externally.

The kit includes a pair of original speakers in ‘as they are condition’, ‘complete with wiring and mounting screws’ as it says on the box. We are not sure about the exact contents as we have not tested or even opened any of these packages. All kits have been stored in a dry warehouse. The speakers and wiring may require some remedial work, such as deoxidising contacts or cleaning internally due to the amount of time they have been stored, but we do not know for sure as these are all unopened. Sold without warranty for function since we do not know the internal condition at all.

There is very limited information online about these kits, I cannot find another even described, or for sale or sold. The product codes and barcode match no results on the internet. Google lens is also of no help. No idea if there are more out there or we have the world’s only stock! They could be decent quality speakers but I highly suspect not. This is based on the packaging, the weight, materials and overall look. Likely these were pretty cheap when they were current and never sounded great. They must be considered an interesting period correct novelty for a period correct vehicle! Might be a good idea to disassemble them and replace the internals with something more modern.

Multiple units in stock available for immediate collection from our warehouse in NW England. Click here for directions.

Additional information:
Model no. 043D
Item code 177908
Additional number: XS9
Barcode: 5011927020090