Transit Side Loading Door MK6-7

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Transit Side Loading door LHD (right side door) – MK6-7 2000-2014

A side loading door for the RIGHT side of the vehicle suitable for a twin-door vehicle or for an LHD Transit. The standard side on RHD (UK) vans is the other side. Unfortunately we do not have any of the left side doors in stock.

It will fit a MK6 or a MK7 – often listed as third generation models. This is an early MK7 door, but only the front was changed between the two versions. Information from Wikipedia.

In new-take-off condition, removed from a new van and stored for a number of years. The residue marks on the door are from highway maintenance decals that were applied from the factory and have been since removed. Should come off with a lot of elbow-grease and some goo-gone or similar adhesive remover. In excellent condition otherwise, some marks, dust and very minor scrapes but decent overall, zero rust. No door card, handles or hinges included.

Unusual and uncommon spec in the UK being a right side door. The door is finished in standard Ford white and would benefit from a clean and polish and obviously having the residue removed.

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