Bosch 044 High Performance Petrol Fuel Pump

Bosch High Performance Petrol Fuel Pump 044 model Part number: 0580 254 044 Lightly used, cosmetic marks only, boxed condition. FP200 high performance motorsport or modified car fuel pump. Flow Rate: 260 Ltr/Hr @ 5 Bar Inlet: M18 x 1.5 female Outlet: M12 x 1.5 banjo with 1 way valve Weight: 1.03 Kg Voltage: 6-16V […]

Land Rover Defender Jack OEM

Land Rover Defender Jack OEM model This Land Rover Defender Jack is 2000kg rated and was produced for Land Rover by MAGAL engineering.  They were installed in Land Rover Defenders from the factory. The jacks are ‘new take off’ unused and in almost-as-new condition (some units have minor cosmetic peeling on some of the labels […]

Sony MiniDisc player BNIB New-Old-Stock

Sony MDX C7900R MiniDisc face-off player head unit New-old stock BNIB MiniDisc player. Purchased as spare parts from a vehicle modifier in the late 90s and stored in our warehouse since then. They were making luxury limo-type vans, and this was the sound system of choice for them! Includes very hard to find ‘rotary commander’ […]

Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon 2018-on Rear Bumper

Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon 2018-on Rear Bumper Rubicon JL specific rear bumper featuring two red reflectors in the center. These are totally stock US OEM bumpers these have the standard reflectors not lights as it may appear, the illumination is due to reflections from our lights. Number/licence plate mounts to the left side of the […]

Jeep Wrangler JL Rear Bumper – 2018-on

Jeep Wrangler Rear Bumper – 2018-on Bumpers for Jeep Wrangler JL models (non Rubicon version) featuring a number/licence plate mounted on the bumper. The older JK models have the plate mounted to the tailgate (usually on a bracket) and this bumper will not fit older models. Includes pre-installed plate light. Please do bare in mind […]

CAT 311/312 Engine Door

CAT 311/312 Engine Door LEFT with handle and lock Brand new in crate new old stock parts. Genuine CAT item, not a reproduction or pattern part. Presented in it’s original wooden crate, this door is in perfect condition having been stored in our warehouse for a few years. Finished in standard yellow, the door includes […]

Hankook Ventus S1evo2 245/45/R19

Set of 4 Hankook Ventus S1evo2 in 245/45/R19 Full spec: 245/45/R19 98Y In fantastic part-worn condition, barely any wear. Production date of 0819 so plenty of rubber life left. Excellent tyre with a balanced performance in all tests, stable in the dry and wet, low noise, low fuel use, good price to performance ratio. Autobild, […]

Pirelli P-Zero Tyres Set of 4 – 275/45/R19

Pirelli P-Zero Tyres Set of 4 – 275/45/R19 Set of 4 P-Zero tyres in great part-worn condition. Lots of tread remaining. Production date of 2019 so plenty of life remaining in the rubber. No cracks or sidewall damage of any kind. A great high performance tyre compound ideal for track use or spirited driving. Fits […]

Toyota 70 Series 11-leaf Rear Springs Pair

Toyota 70 Series Heavy Duty 11-leaf Rear Springs Pair – Heavy Duty Pair of matched 70 Series springs for most models including 75, 76, 78 and 79. Heavy duty 11-leaf version, exact capacity unknown. Ideal replacement for damaged springs or upgrade for existing light/medium-duty springs. As-new condition, removed from a new vehicle directly from the […]

Fiat Scudo Combinato Rear Doors Pair

Fiat Scudo Combinato Rear Doors Pair Pair of rear Fiat Scudo Combinato doors in various conditions. For early (pre-2002) ‘squared wedge’ model only, note the absence of a middle tail light. These doors have been stored for quite some time and are in varying conditions. Available in white, black and dark blue. One pair is […]

Toyota Hilux Tail Gate

Toyota Hilux Tail Gate Finished in factory red, or white. Original plastic protective stickers still intact! These were removed from brand new Toyota Hilux models direct from the factory. As-new ‘new take off’ parts. To fit models: MK7 AN10, AN20, AN30. Produced between 2004–2015. Trim models do vary and vary between years, these were from […]

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Head Lining LOW ROOF

Mercedes Benz Sprinter LOW ROOF Head Lining for W906 Head lining for vehicles 2006-2018. Will also fit a VW Crafter of the same era. Ideal for replacing the roof lining in your low-roof Sprinter, OR… This head lining is perfect for a high-roof camper-conversion, read more about it below. Using one of these low roof […]

MAN TGL Exterior A Pillar Cover

MAN TGL Exterior A Pillar Cover Genuine OEM parts finished in MAN factory standard white. Perfect condition removed from brand new vehicles directly from the factory. Multiple pairs in stock to fit MAN TGL deep-screen 2015 onwards models. Ready for immediate collection.

IVECO Daily MK1 MK2 Front Door (both sides)

IVECO Daily front door for mk1 or mk2 models. In theory this mk1/2 range covers IVECO Daily vehicles made between 1978 and 2000, as well as the Alfa Romeo AR8, but we cannot confirm this. They will definitely fit MK2 vehicles from 1990 to 2000. The doors are fully trimmed with all internal fittings and […]

Fix & Go AUTOMATIC Tyre Pump and Puncture Repair *NEW*

Fix&Go ‘Automatic’ tyre pump and puncture repair kit. These kits (produced in 2017 according to labels) are in perfect new condition complete with carrying/storage case, instructions and unit. Can be used as an inflation device only or using the included repair fluid as a temporary puncture repair device. The included fluid has a 5 year+ […]

VW Transporter T3 1.9 DF Petrol Cylinder Head

VW Transporter cylinder head for 1.9 DF petrol Type 2 (T3/T25) VW part number: 025101375B New-old stock. Dry stored in our warehouse for 20+ years. I believe these to have been built in the early 1990s. Parts other than the head block on *some* of the units. May also fit other VWs and some other […]

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Front or Rear Brake Calipers and Discs Kit

Brake Calipers, pads and discs for LC 200 Series V8 Toyota Land Cruiser For J200 / LC200 series V8 model 2017 model. New-take-off parts genuine Toyota in as-good-as-new condition. Fully assembled including brand new high performance 99% unworn brake pads and hoses. Kit Contents Information: A pair of either front or rear calipers with hoses […]

Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Series Rear Number Plate Light Surround

Rear Number Plate Light Unit for 78 Series Rear door mounted unit for a 78 series Land Cruiser. Might fit other models but please check with a specialist or come and look yourself. In new-take-off condition, one unit has minor scratches but the other is in perfect new-old-stock OEM factory-wrapped condition. Click here for our […]

NATO Towing Hitch with Safety Rings

NATO Military Rear Towing Hook/Hitch Originally from Toyota Land Cruisers, these NATO military towing hitches are perfect for any 4×4. Includes original fitting bolts. Some bolts have very minor cosmetic surface rust but this does not affect their function or strength. Excellent overall condition. Extremely heavy duty and very heavy. The specification of the attachment […]

SOLD OUT – VW Crafter 2006-11 Interior Light and Alarm Module

Interior light and alarm sensor module for a VW Crafter 2006-2011. This is different to a Mercedes Sprinter W906 unit as the alarm sensors are ultrasonic and there is no sunglasses holder. Part number: HVW906 820 24 01. Perfect replacement for a damaged module. Please double check compatibility with your vehicle since the interiors of […]