Kahn Design Land Rover Defender Headlight Surround Military Style

Land Rover Defender Headlight Surround by Kahn Design Genuine Kahn Design, military style guard headlight surround and covers finished in black. Stainless steel construction with Kahn ‘K’ cut-out. Not flimsy Chinese copies like many online. These are genuine Kahn items, I cannot stress this enough! Heavy duty and highly desirable parts. Long-term stored but in […]

Land Rover Defender Single Cab 2.4 or 2.2

Land Rover Defender Single Cab Fits chassis for 90/110 and Defenders made between 1983 and the end of the run in 2016. Finished in factory gloss white.   New-take-off parts removed from brand new vehicles directly from the Land Rover factory during the final production phases. Semi-trimmed with both doors, all glass, Puma specific bonnet […]

Land Rover Bare Engine Block (2.5D)

New-Old-Stock – BL (British Leyland) Land Rover bare engine block Old stock part, BL bare engine block. Never run or been in a vehicle, original manufacturer spare parts. In as-is condition, we’ve had this item since new and haven’t cleaned, refinished or otherwise messed with it – as you can probably tell. 4 Cylinder diesel […]

Land Rover Defender 110/130 Shock Absorbers

Land Rover Defender 110/130 Shock Absorbers OEM genuine standard parts removed from brand new vehicles straight from the factory. From Puma 2016 models. Significant number in stock along with a selection of other suspension parts such as the bushings and anti-roll bars pictured. Please get in touch if you require any miscellaneous Defender parts.

Land Rover Defender OEM Steering Rods with Ball Joints

Genuine Land Rover Defender standard steering / drag and track rods Removed from brand new vehicles straight from the factory (to be replaced with uprated versions) these are the stock part for 2016 Defenders but should fit most earlier versions too. Large number of assorted Land Rover Defender parts, including a lot of suspension parts […]

Land Rover Defender Anti-Roll Bar

Land Rover Defender Anti-Roll bar Removed from brand new vehicles direct from the factory during 2015/2016. Part numbers: ANR4344 / NRC6221  Genuine LR parts in as-new condition. Large number in stock available for immediate collection. Lots (and lots) of assorted suspension parts here, please get in touch.  

Land Rover Defender Jack Bracket

Original LR Jack Bracket removed from a brand new vehicle straight from the factory. Fits multiple models of Land Rover Defender, but these are specifically from end-of-line 2016 Wolf models. Holds original jack (also available) for sale separately. See related listings: Land Rover Defender Jack Land Rover Defender Tool Kit

Land Rover Defender Genuine OEM Tool Kit

Land Rover Defender Original Factory Tool Kit (OEM) New old stock tool kit that has never been used. These items were removed from brand new vehicles directly from the factory. Contains wheel wrench, jack handle and other bits in original bag. Genuine LR parts. This listing is for a single tool kit only. For other […]

Land Rover Defender Front Axle

Land Rover Defender Front Axle with extras USED Good used condition, as pictured including hub assembly. Stored at our warehouse for approximately 15 years. We believe it to be ‘new take off’, removed from a near-new vehicle but cannot guarantee this, and it certainly does not look as-new. Also includes some steering linkage. One brake […]

Land Rover Defender 2.2TDCi Puma Fan and Housing

Genuine Land Rover Defender Puma Fan and Housing (and other parts) In ‘new-take-off’ condition, removed from a brand new vehicle in 2016. Ideal replacements for a damaged housing or broken fan. We also have many air box and induction parts available (some pictured). Please get in touch if you need any of these too.

Land Rover Defender Fuel Vent Hose

Genuine Land Rover Fuel Vent Hose Part number: LR067194 Standard genuine OEM Land Rover part for Defender 90/110/130 models. Ideal replacement for damaged part. Brand new in packaging. Not many in stock, but available for immediate pickup or dispatch.

Land Rover Fuel Tube LR031343

Genuine Land Rover Fuel Tube Brand new in packaging genuine Land Rover part. For Land Rover Defenders 90/110/130. Lots in stock and available for immediate pickup or dispatch. Part number: LR031343

Land Rover Defender Wing Top Vents

Land Rover Defender Wing Top vents OEM OEM parts to fit standard (2.2TDCi) Puma engined 90/110/130 Defenders. In fantastic new-take-off condition. Left side slotted air intake vent, right side blanked vent. Fits on the top of the wing. Two pairs in stock and available for collection immediately. Please get in touch.

Land Rover Defender Parts Misc Belts Hoses etc

Misc Belts and Hoses for Defenders Apologies for the messy multiple listing, but we have a vast array of different belts, hoses, clamps and random assorted accessories for Land Rover Defenders in large boxes that I either cannot identify or feel it’s unnecessary to make separate listings for. Some OEM stuff, some aftermarket. All of […]

Land Rover Defender Top Link Bush ANR4164

Genuine Britpart ANR4164 Defender Top Link Bush OEM standard fit Defender top link bushes, brand new in bags, never opened. Multiple in stock. To fit 90 and 110 Defenders. Land Rover part number: LR018259 Britpart number: ANR4164

Land Rover Defender Polybush Kit Parts

Land Rover Defender Mixed Polybush Parts To fit 2002 onwards 90 and 110 model Defenders. From a #68 kit with parts missing. Parts from this kit that we have: 1AS – Panhard rod bushes 1H – Front radius arm to chassis bushes 1B – Front radius to axle Ideal to partly upgrade your Defender at […]

Land Rover Defender Transmission Oil Cooler

Land Rover Defender – Genuine Ford Part Transmission Oil Cooler Part number: 6G91-7A095-AD BNIB – brand new in box, never used new condition. Multiple in stock (some removed from boxes for checking and photographs). Manufactured in 2015. To replace Land Rover Defender part number: LR002916.

Land Rover Defender Wipac Headlight

Genuine Land Rover Defender Wipac Headlight Defender Wipac brand aftermarket 2015 part to fit all Defender models from 1983-2016. 7 inch lens diameter. Standard fitting basic headlight with H4 bulb included. Fantastic lightly used condition. Unfortunately we can only find one of these headlights so it is for sale on it’s own. In the event […]

Land Rover Defender Headlight Crystal Halo Single

Land Rover Defender Headlight Aftermarket Updated (single) Crystal with LED Halo Updated aftermarket Defender headlight, modern reflector design H4 bulb included. Features fantastic LED halo design. No sidelight bulb or holder included (standard fitting). 7 inch lens diameter to fit any Defender 1983-2016. Ideal replacement for an identical single damaged unit. In excellent very lightly […]

Land Rover Defender Sidelights Tail Lights Indicators

Land Rover Defender Single – Tail, Side, Brake or Indicator lights. Genuine lightly used Land Rover parts including bulbs in fantastic condition. Some units include seals and screws. For sale individually or as sets. Small numbers of each available.

Land Rover Defender Bear Mach Rear Hub Bearing Kit

Land Rover Defender Bear Mach Rear Hub Bearing Kit BNIB – never used, new in box. Opened only to check contents. Suitable for 90 and 110 models. Two full new kits part number: BK 0100. We also have another kit with some parts missing, suitable for the odd part or as an incomplete whole. Please […]

Land Rover Defender Cubby Box

Land Rover Defender Cubby box in great used condition Cubby box for between front seats for Land Rover Defenders 1983-2016. Includes cup holder insert. Finished in black. In great used condition but comes with some minor marks and blemishes. Non-locking version with cushioned top. Includes fixing bolts.

Land Rover Defender Spare Wheel Mount

Fixed Rear Door Land Rover Defender Spare Wheel Mount OEM Genuine Land Rover rear spare wheel mounting bracket for all Land Rover Defenders. Fit to new Defenders from the factory and removed straight from the factory from a new vehicle for upgrade. Finished in protective black gloss paint. Fixing bolts and seals not included.

Land Rover Defender Mats Carpet LHD

Land Rover Defender mats, front for LHD model Genuine Land Rover OEM carpet mats for Defenders 1983-2016, left hand drive models. Will also technically fit RHD but the pad for the driver’s foot will be on the passenger side. High quality carpet material. Removed from a new Defender straight from the factory but since used […]

Land Rover Defender Front Bumper and Sump Guard

Land Rover Defender Front Bumper and Sump Guard Used item with minor marks, scratches and other issues (please read entire description). Aftermarket part, not stamped, with built-in LED Daytime Running Lights. Bolted on extra-heavy duty sump guard. Marks where previously installed number plate was mounted and scratches and marks throughout. Some wiring for the DRLs […]

Land Rover Defender 110 Ashcroft Air Locker P38

Ashcroft Airlocker P38 kit for Land Rover Defender 110 Brand new in box kit, never used. Multiple in stock. For more information about this kit visit: http://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/locking-differentials/ashcroft-locker/ashcroft-p38/wolfe-locker.html

Land Rover Defender Front Bumper

Genuine Land Rover Defender Front Bumper Standard Land Rover Defender front bumper, OEM part removed from a brand new Defender from the factory. Dust and some very minor marks on all bumpers but will easily touch up where needed. Finished in standard factory black. Multiple in stock. Fixing bolts not included. Price per bumper.

Land Rover Defender Rear Radius Arm Mounts

Land Rover Defender Rear Radius Arm Mounts by Britpart Rear Radius Arm Mounts for Land Rover Defender 90 and 110. Available for purchase together or separately. BNIB – brand new in box, never used. New condition. Price listed per mount. Right side Britpart part number: STC8606 Left side Britpart part number: STC8607

Land Rover Defender Steering Box OEM

Genuine Land Rover Defender Steering box Power Steering – PAS – right hand drive vehicle steering box. In as-new condition, some minor surface rust. This unit is not re manufactured, barely used. Includes arm and bypass pipe. From a 2015 – TDCi Puma – 90 model.

Land Rover Defender Arch Extension x4

Land Rover Defender Arch Extension Plastic arches in black. For front and rear, right or left, identical arches. 50mm width extension per arch. Pre-drilled holes for ease of fitment, fixings not included. Black gloss finish. Part number: LR545HDPE

Land Rover Defender Mud Flaps

OEM Genuine Land Rover Defender Mud Flaps Various Land Rover Defender mud flaps, front, rear, right and left in stock. Many different types, sizes and designs in stock for different models of Defender, all OEM genuine parts. Please get in touch with your exact specifications and requirements. Includes metal brackets where applicable. Available singly or […]

Land Rover Defender Headlight Surrounds OEM

Genuine Standard Land Rover Defender Headlight Surrounds in Gun Metal Standard fit genuine OEM Land Rover headlight surrounds in metallic gun metal grey. Fit to newer 2010-2016 Defenders from the factory, will fit 1983 onwards Defenders. Removed from 2015/16 models. Will fit 90/110/130 models. Excellent ‘new take off’ condition, removed from new vehicles, with no […]

Land Rover Defender Side Vents

Genuine Land Rover Defender Side Vents Right side only, removed from a brand new vehicle in good-as-new ‘new take off’ condition. Standard plastic side vents fit to Defenders straight from the factory. For 90 and 110 models. Many in stock. Price PER single vent.

Land Rover Defender Jack OEM

Land Rover Defender Jack OEM model These Land Rover Defender Jacks are 2000kg rated and were produced for Land Rover by MAGAL engineering.  They were installed in Land Rover Defenders from the factory. The jacks are ‘new take off’ unused and in almost-as-new condition (some minor cosmetic peeling on some of the labels caused during […]

Land Rover Defender Puma Canopy Supports

Land Rover Defender Puma Rear Canopy Supports New take off item, from a new 2016 Land Rover Defender. Includes fixings and accessories excluding the canopy itself. Please call or email us for more information about compatibility and sizing.

Range Rover (can fit VW T4/5) SET OF 4 – 19 Inch Alloy Wheel Rims Only

Range Rover 19 Inch Alloy Wheel Rims Only Tyres are now removed, heavily sun damaged. Rims only for sale. 6 spoke alloy wheels 8Jx19 ET57 5 stud from a 2004-2012 Range Rover Vogue. Will fit other Range Rovers and some Land Rovers. Great used condition, some minor marks and scratches but no serious damage or buckling. […]

VM D642 4.2l 6 Cylinder Diesel Crate Engine

VM D642 OHV 6 cylinder 4.2l diesel engine Zero miles/hours: New old stock crate engine – these engines were destined to be a manufacturer spare and they never been in a vehicle or even run. VM D642 engines were originally produced only for the Mowag / Bucher-Guyer Duro military off road utility vehicle. Image from […]

Bearmach Hub Bearing RTC3429R

Bearmach Hub Bearing RTC3429R Fantastic BNIB, brand new in box and plastic (3 boxes never opened, one only opened for photographs). Bearings for Land Rover Defender 90/110/130. Part number: RTC3429R For front and rear, left and right side. We have a few in stock so would make an ideal full set or can sell individually […]

Plastic Bell Housing Cap

Plastic Bell Housing Cap for Land Rover Defenders and other 4×4 Various uses in the automotive field including bell housing caps/covers for off road use. In brand new condition, thousands of units in stock available as individuals or in bulk. Get in touch for multiple purchase deals. Cap specification: M42x2 Size: 42mm diameter. Material: Yellow […]

H-542 OX-8 DOT 4 Hydraulic Clutch or Brake Fluid

H-542 OX-8 DOT 4 NATO synthetic fluid 1 litre Unopened, and factory sealed 1 litre H-542 OX-8 DOT 4 fluid. Compatible with other DOT 4 and DOT 3. For ambient temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) to 55°C (131°F). For a variety of applications, this fluid is the recommended product for Land Rover Defenders and many other […]

Welcome to Cabmasters

Cabmasters are specialists in the distribution of new surplus, as-new and new old stock commercial vehicle parts. These include van and truck parts from manufacturers such as Iveco, Mercedes Benz, Renault, Volvo, Ford, DAF, Land Rover, Toyota and many more. The business was founded in 1978. Although our primary focus is on Truck Cabs, we […]

VM 2.5 4 cyl TD Engine 425 OHV

VM Motori 2.5 4cyl TD new original crate engine 0 miles! This crate motor is in as-new condition, never run or in a vehicle. Direct from the manufacturer, who had stored these engines in case of replacement under warranty. This is a ‘short engine’  – there are no ancillaries or service items included. This is […]