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Toyota 79 Series Cab with Rear Body

Price on request


Toyota 79 Series Single Cab with Rear Body

New-take-off stock. As-new genuine parts. With exterior panels and glass, lights, grille and partial interior included! Complete rear body including bumpers and other assorted parts – please check pictures for included parts or give us a ring to discuss.

Current model, 2017-2018 LHD spec. These vehicles are still produced for various markets including Australia and Japan.

We also have a lot of other parts for these Land Cruisers and a fair few for the Toyota 78 series ‘Troopy’. See our Toyota section: cabmasters.com/toyota for more listings.

Please email if you’d like more information about this item.

NOTE: Current stock (pictured) of these is now sold out, we are waiting arrival of new stock. Please get in touch!